Top Mobile Casinos in United Arab Emirates

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Top  Mobile Casinos in United Arab Emirates
Online casinos in the UAE

Online casinos in the UAE

The Quran is what guides most of the laws and regulation in the UAE, and gambling is no exclusion. The act of gambling or online gambling is not prohibited or legal in the country, though there are sites that residents can still access and use (they are not formally blocked).

Gambling is considered indecent content and explicitly banned in the country, this includes for tourists and those visiting the country. On and offline betting on races is one way that people have gotten around these strict laws and dabbled in/enjoyed the act of gambling. This includes everything from horse and camel to car races.

Mobile casinos in the United Arab Emirates

Along with the mobile casino revolution, online gamblers from the UAE have also entered the era of online casino gambling through mobile phones. Most of the casinos accepting players from Emirates lands either have mobile responsive casino websites or particular applications that players need to download and install in their phones for playing.

Hence, the opportunity of wagering through mobile phones is quite convenient for the players since mobile phones with internet connectivity have become an obvious thing to have.

All the renowned casinos accepting players from the UAE generally have the following features.

  • Legitimate license from the respected gambling regulatory authority
  • A plethora of bonuses and promotional offers for proffering players frequently
  • Efficient security measures along with sufficient online transacting methods
  • Acceptance to AED (UAE's official currency) and availability of a diverse gaming library


  • Populaces of UAE love using mobile phones. It can be noticed by a statistical report that depicts while 45.30% of the people are using desktops, 53.16% of UAE citizens are making usage of mobile devices while usage of tablets is on the lower side as only 1.54% people have them.

In 2019, every 100 inhabitants from the UAE lands had been using 200.63 cellular subscriptions. Du and Etisalat are the top two mobile network operators serving most UAE mobile phone owners. Currently, UAE people have 3G, 4G, and broadband connections. And, while browsing through phones, 86.77% Mbps is the average speed people get.

When it comes to the usage of broadband internet connections in Emirates land, the country has around three million subscriptions, denoting that every 100 inhabitants are using 33.3 subscriptions. The average broadband speed for Arab people is 90.57% Mbps.

Samsung is a current ruler of the mobile vendor market of UAE, holding the largest share of 34.85%. Apple's 2.35% share comes following it. Traces of companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo can also be found in the market.

And, when the spotlight shifts to the mobile operating market of UAE, Android's mammoth 72.34% share comes to notice. Here as well, iOS is in the following position with a 2.35% share.

All this information sums up to a declaration that mobile gambling is being experienced by UAE gamblers thoroughly.

Online casinos in the UAE
Why Gambling Is Illegal in the UAE

Why Gambling Is Illegal in the UAE

As mentioned previously, the Quran calls out and explicitly bans gambling, which has resulted in strict laws against any type of gambling in the country. The crackdown was traditionally on land-based and underground gambling, however, more recently there has been a more substantial focus on online gambling as well.

Despite the strict laws, there are some sites, including online casinos that are still accessible to and by residents. It is, however, a considerable risk for tourists or residents to use or even enter the site, with potential consequences that range from fines of nearly 10 000 USD all the way to prison time.

Why Gambling Is Illegal in the UAE
The Importance of Licensed Casinos

The Importance of Licensed Casinos

Using and playing on licensed online casinos are important for the following reasons:

  • Legal compliance; licensed casinos comply with local laws and regulations as it relates to gambling which means players who use the site are also complying with these laws, and mitigating the risk of accidentally breaking the law.
  • Security: licensed casinos tend to have better security in terms of the protection of users' personal and financial information.
  • Legitimacy; licensed casinos are going to pay out the money they owe you and help reduce the risk of falling victim to theft or scams.
  • Longevity; licensed casinos are more likely to be available for players longer.
The Importance of Licensed Casinos
Setting Gambling Boundaries

Setting Gambling Boundaries

What exactly do people mean when they say 'responsible gambling'? Well, responsible gambling means protecting one's self from things like scams, overspending, addiction, and other problems that have been known to have been associated with it. The concept and definition vary from person to person, depending on ones' life and personal traits.

Responsible gambling can, and often does include things like:

  • Making a budget; setting financial parameters and boundaries,
  • Setting time limits; trying not to spend too much time gambling, and balancing it with other activities and priorities,
  • Understanding your surroundings; knowing that gambling drunk or when emotional can result in poor decision making.
Setting Gambling Boundaries
The UAE, an Overview

The UAE, an Overview

The UAE is a large, densely populated and relatively wealthy country. Here is a brief overview:

  • Population: there are approximately 9.7 million people who live in the UAE as of the beginning of 2019.
  • Religion; Islam is the official religion of the country, but there are other prominent religions as well, including Muslim.
  • Economy; UAE is one of the most prominent and rising economies in the world and the second-largest of the Arab world. Most of the revenues and GDP within the country comes from oil and oil production.
  • Tourism; Abu Dabi and Dubai draw hundreds of thousands of visiting tourists each year.
The UAE, an Overview