Top Mobile Casinos in Romania

Romania is a country located in Eastern Europe, home to Transylvania, the birthplace of the legendary Count Dracula. Romania's capital city is Bucharest and the local currency is the Romanian leu.

The population of the country is around 20 million people and Romania joined the EU back in early 2007.

Top  Mobile Casinos in Romania
Mobile casinos in Romania
Mobile casinos in Romania

Mobile casinos in Romania

In the current smartphone era, I think we can safely say “The future is NOW”. These seemingly miraculous devices have an incredible influence in our day-to-day lives, and casino gaming could not escape its far-reaching grasp.

Internet casinos blew up in popularity, but mobile casinos started dominating in the blink of an eye. As smartphones became increasingly commonplace, online casino operators were forced to adapt in order to survive. Those without mobile support are long-gone, and those with mobile optimization can sleep safely knowing they won’t lose half of their customers.

How do Romanian casinos fare in terms of mobile support? The answer is: excellent. Nowadays, there isn’t an online casino that accepts Romanians without at least a mobile-optimized website. Many of them also offer native apps for Android and iOS devices, but they are more of a luxury rather than a necessity.

Mobile casinos for Romanian players offer hundreds of mobile-friendly slot machines, table games and even live casinos – to name a few standout categories. However, players can expect a full gaming experience on the go. Namely, mobile casinos boast customer support via live chat and email, the ability to make deposits and withdrawals, and other important casino functionalities.

What’s more, Romanian customers should expect a smooth and 100% stable connection to casino servers most of the time. This is because the country has exceptional 4G LTE coverage, with estimates showing at least 75% coverage through Romania’s main network carriers. It is also estimated that at least 60% of the country has a smartphone, meaning 11,000,000+ citizens.

The most popular devices in Romania are Apple and Samsung products. The iPhone 7, iPhone X, Galaxy S8 and S7 top the charts in terms of daily usage, whereas Huawei’s P20 Lite is the only non-Apple/Samsung product in the top 10 list.
In summary, not only do Romanians have great access to mobile casinos, but operators also encouraged to offer their mobile services to players from the country due to the fast network range.

Mobile casinos in Romania