Top Mobile Casinos in Paraguay

The landlocked South American country of Paraguay sits adjacent to Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. Its capital city, Asunción, was established in the 16th century by conquistadores from Spain. Today, Paraguay's estimated population of 7,253,00 is primarily made up of mestizos, or mixed European and Native.

Spanish and Guarani are the official languages, though the latter is more widely spoken. The guaraní is the nation's currency, and the economy is buoyed by agriculture and the export of meat products and soybeans. Paraguay is also noted for its production of exquisite nanduti lace, a fusion of 16th-century European and Guarani needlecraft.

Top  Mobile Casinos in Paraguay

Mobile gaming is set to be the future of online casinos in Paraguay. Research has shown that more than 95% of the households in Paraguay had access to mobile phones. As for the individual mobile subscriptions, research in 2019 found out that around 8 million people had a mobile subscription.

Additionally, the Internet penetration in Paraguay was more at 65% in 2020 and it keeps rising as time passes by. That is the reason why all online casinos that offer their services to Paraguayan players are optimized for mobile use. Some of them even developed apps to further better the mobile gaming experience.

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