Top Mobile Casinos in Hungary

Hungary is a medium-sized, landlocked country in Central Europe. Now part of the European Union, Hungary was a member of the Eastern bloc of communist countries, until the dissolution of the USSR in the early 1990s.

The capital and largest city of Hungary is Budapest, which was once two cities, divided by the River Danube.

Top  Mobile Casinos in Hungary
Mobile casinos in Hungary
Mobile casinos in Hungary

Mobile casinos in Hungary

The advent of online casinos took the world by a storm. In a similar vein, mobile devices completely changed the day-to-day life of billions of people around the globe.

Every industry was affected, including that of online casino gaming. Nowadays, every casino site must have proper mobile optimization, or they risk shooting themselves in the foot from the get go.

The good news is, Hungarian online casinos always have decent mobile optimization as a bare minimum. Many offer mobile apps for even more convenience, but that varies on a casino by casino basis.

Hungary is a rare example of a country where Android almost completely dominates the mobile market. Namely, out of the country’s 9+ million population, over 75% own a smartphone. Out of those 75%, over 80% are Android users, whereas iOS users make up for roughly 14% of that population.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of these devices are more than capable of handling a mobile online casino. These sites are perfectly optimized to run even on lower end devices, to make room for seamless gaming sessions with minimal interruptions.

The average Hungarian mobile casino has virtually countless games to choose from. Nowadays, most gaming providers create their games with the mobile user in mind. As such, they are designed for play in panoramic and portrait mode with the ultimate convenience.

When we consider the fact that Hungary has a 4G LTE coverage of over 80%, this makes for a perfect combination for mobile casino gaming.

Mobile casinos in Hungary