Top Mobile Casinos in Ecuador

Ecuador is actually a South American country known for the Andes Mountains and rugged terrain. The country sits to the northwest of the continent and is surrounded by Colombia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean. The Galápagos Islands are also part of Ecuador. The capital is named Quito, and Ecuador uses the US dollar.

The official language is Spanish and Christian religions are worshipped throughout the country. The biodiversity of Ecuador is unique, particularly the birdlife, flora, and fauna. The country also has several UNESCO heritage sites. National parks and reserves are found all over the country, and heritage areas of Quito and the Galapagos Islands are memorable.

Top  Mobile Casinos in Ecuador

The stats have shown that mobile phone usage and with that, mobile gaming, have been on the rise in the recent period. Just to make a comparison, only 6.2% of the population had smartphones in 2012. The statistics showed that the number increased to 446% in 2019.

Ecuadorians have become fond of mobile gaming and since they use their phones quite often to access online casinos, it is believed that mobile online casinos are the future of the industry. These sites are already optimized for mobile use as they use the latest HTML5 technology.

The same research showed that smartphones are responsible for 30% of web traffic in the country. Analysts believe that the percentage will drastically increase in the next few years and online casinos will be mainly accessed from phones.

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