Dave Davis

Dave Davis


Hey there, I'm Dave "Double-Down" Davis, your go-to guy for all things online gambling. I've spent over a decade in this crazy world, starting out as a blackjack dealer and then diving into the digital frontier of online casinos. Why do I like gambling? It's the thrill, my friends. Every card flip, every spin of the wheel, it's like a mini-adventure!

Why did I transition to writing articles? Well, one night, I was at the casino, sitting at a poker table. The chips were stacked high, tension in the air. Just when I thought I had the winning hand, a rookie walked away with the pot on a fluke! We all laughed it off, but that moment made me realize—I had as much fun talking and writing about these games as playing them. It's storytelling with stakes, literally!

Funny story, once during an online poker game, my cat jumped on the keyboard and managed to hit the 'Raise' button. Guess what? I won that hand! Ever since I have called her my "Lucky Charm."

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