Top Mobile Casinos in Australia

Australia is undoubtedly one of the safest countries in the world. It has many beautiful places such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and much more. Australia has a warm climate and does not have extreme conditions, as opposed to other places. It is known for its kangaroos and the Outback.

Top  Mobile Casinos in Australia

Australians these days are very fond of accessing online casinos. Many of them even use their mobile devices to play the latest games. When it comes to mobile gaming in Australia, the two most commonly used smartphones are iPhone and Samsung. Statistics have shown that a majority of active smartphone users prefer Android. In 2020, 58.8% of the people used Android, while 41.4% used iOS phones. Lastly, 0.01% of the users had a Windows phone.

Since research has shown that a big chunk of the players that access online casinos like to enjoy the games on their mobile phones, every online casino utilizes the latest technology and it is fully optimized for mobile and desktop use. Some online casinos even went a step further and developed apps to enhance the overall mobile gaming experience even more.

When it comes to smartphone ownership in Australia, the penetration rate in this country has been increasing at a massive rate since 2012. In 2016, it reached over 66% and if that is not enough, research states that it will most likely reach around 75% by 2022. Another statistic coming from 2019 states that almost all Australians aged 18 and older own a mobile device.

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