Statistics and Trends Observed Mobile Gaming


From the finances to player specific tendencies, it is evident that mobile casino games command a considerable following. The key driver is, of course, the fact that mobile ownership and use has been fast growing in recent years. Mobile gaming is big business today, and it is poised to get bigger.

Mobile betting is, by far, one of the most preferred methods for placing wagers. This is not only the case in developed nations in Europe, Asia, and America but in developing countries. Here are some statistics and trends observed that prove that mobile casinos will shape the future of online gambling.

Women and Senior Citizens are Fast Getting On-Board

Previously, gambling activities were associated with men and youth. Things have changed, and women and seniors are fast getting on board. Casino gaming statistics reveal that the number of men and women placing wagers online has been rising steadily. Therefore, the gaming population is becoming more diverse.

As such, online casino game developers have picked up this trend, so casino game developers are starting to target their wares at female gamers. Older generations have not been left out either, and there are several games dedicated to this category of players. These two developments are poised to catapult mobile gaming numbers.

Gaming Has Become a Family Affair

For a long time, casino games were played on a personal level. Mobile casino games, in particular, were preferred for their anonymity. In recent years, online gaming statistics prove that gambling is fast becoming a family affair. Now parents and kids can have a good time playing their favorite casino games.

Gaming statistics show that more than a third of parents engage in some form of casino gaming with their kids. Moreover, more than half of the parents play casino games with their kids at least once a month. The glamour and convenience afforded to mobile gaming; it is no wonder that kids are thrilled to casino games.

Gaming Revenue

Reports from industry-tracking firms reveal that that social casino games or games in which players do not play real money games are valued at close to 2.7 billion. But these value is poised to grow with some countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom having legalized real-money casino games.

Mobile gaming is at its highest, financially speaking. It is also worth noting that the value of the gambling industry recorded more profits than the film industry for some years now. If current trends are anything to go by, the gaming industry is poised to surpass the $100 mark before the year 2021.

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