A credible mobile casino should offer language-options for players worldwide.

Many mobile casinos online support multible languages, enabling people from all over the world to enjoy their games. No matter if you're looking for international languages such as English or Spanish, or more local languages such as Polish or Japanese, you're bound to find a mobile casino app tailored to your preferences.

Tap your languages to see all the mobile casinos that supports your language.

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The most common and widely spoken form of the Chinese language is Mandarin. However, there are many other varieties, often which bear no resemblance to each other. There are 1.2 billion Chinese speakers in the world and the language has been around, in written form, for at least 3,000 years.

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With its roots in Germanic languages, Danish is spoken by around 5.5 million people. It has been around for many centuries, and originated as a form of Old Norse, along with other Scandinavian languages. Its the official language of Denmark, and also recognized in Germany, the Faro Islands and Greenland, (which is officially Danish territory).

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Dutch, a West Germanic language, is actually the official language of the Netherlands and one of Belgium's three official languages. In Belgium, the Dutch language is known as Flemish. Dutch is likewise the official language of the South American country Suriname.

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English is the native language of around 400 million people, with many others speaking it as a second language. English is classified as a West Germanic language and is thought to have first been expressed in the early middle ages, over 1000 years ago. It has much in common with the Frisian and Romance languages.

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French is a language that is Indo-European in origin, and part of a subgroup known as the "Romance Languages." The use of French spans the globe, as it is the official language in 29 countries, with over 76.8 million speakers, and 100 million secondary speakers. It is also a primary language in many critical global organisations.

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German is a Germanic language and is widely spoken across central Europe in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. German is classified as a West Germanic language, which comes from what we would now consider Scandinavia. German is considered to be a world language and is known for its harsh sounds and complex grammar system.

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Indonesian is the official language spoken in Indonesia, and is one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide, due to the sheer population of the country. Over 700 indigenous languages exist in Indonesia; therefore, the language plays a vital role in strengthening the communication between the many different local communities scattered across the states numerous islands.

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Arabic is a Semitic language that is primarily spoken in many parts of the world, such as North Africa, parts of the Middle East, and the Arabian Peninsula. The Koran is written in Arabic. This makes it the religious language of all Muslims. This combination of significant geographical and religious presence makes it one of the most widely spoken languages globally. It also has the unique factor that it is written from right to left.

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