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US dollars

The US dollars is the official currency used in the United States of America. It is a very strong currency which is known throughout the world.The US dollar is the most used currency in international transcations all over the world. There are currently trillions of dollars in existence which is circulating all over the world right now.

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Turkish Lira

The Turkish lira is the currency which is used in the country of Turkey. It is also used in the Republic of Northern Cyprus which Turkey declared. This currency has gained lots of attention in the news to date as it decreased which is effecting both international and national investors.

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Thai baht

The currency which is used in Thailand is the Thai baht. It is known throughout the world as many people visit Thailand. It is also the tenth most used currency in the world. In Thailand there are many social protocols associated with their currency. You should not be seen with many bank notes in your pocket.

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Swiss francs

Swiss Francs are the local currency used in Switzerland and also the small European country of Liechtenstein - as well as certain regions in northern Italy. The current form of the currency came into being in 1850 and there are 8 different denominations of bank notes ranging from 1000 Francs down to 10 Francs.

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Swedish kronor

Swedish kronor is the official currency of Sweden. It has been the currency since the year 1873. Up until the year 1903 gold coins were made and ciruculated around Sweden. The Riksbank is the official bank of Sweden, this is the bank where the notes and coins come from .

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South Korean won

The South Korean Won is the official currency which is used in South Korea. When Korea was divided into South and North Korea after the war, this created two seperate currencies. However they both were known as won. The won replaced the yen and now is called South Korean won in the country of South Korea.

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South African Rand

The South African Rand is the currency used in South Africa. It fluctuates in terms of it's value. The bank notes of the South African rand is two hundred, one hundred, fifty, twenty and ten. The rest of the currency is made up in coins. Due to South Africa's history the official bank notes are always changing.

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Singapore dollars

If you want to visit Singapore you will need to use Singapore dollars, which is the official currency of the country. Singapore has the face of its leader and the first president on it's official bank notes.The $1,000 note has the Singapore anthem printed on the back of it on every note.

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Russian rubles

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